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Cheat The Cherry Master: Harry Endres

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Hal Leonard Guitar Cheat Sheets Top Hits 44 Meg...
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DescriptionGuitar Cheat Sheets: Top Hits - 44 Mega-Hits In Musical Shorthand The Hal Leonard Cheat Sheets series includes lyrics, chord frames, and rhythm tab cut-to-the-chase notation to make playing easier than ever! Songlist21 Guns [Green Day]Airplanes [B.o.B.] [Williams, Hayley]All The Right Moves [OneRepublic]Apologize [Timbaland] [OneRepublic]Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Jet]Baby [Bieber, Justin] [Ludacris]Bad Day [Powter, Daniel]Bad Romance [Lady Gaga]Best Of You [Foo Fighters]Black Horse And The Cherry Tree [Tunstall, KT]Bubbly [Caillat, Colbie]Clocks [Coldplay]Come On Get Higher [Nathanson, Matt]Crazy [Barkley, Gnarls]Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) [Train]Fireflies [Owl City]Gives You Hell [All-American Rejects, The]Heaven [Los Lonely Boys]Hero Of War [Rise Against]Hey, Soul Sister [Train]How To Save A Life [Fray, The]I Gotta Feeling [Black Eyes Peas, The]If You Only Knew Me [Shinedown]It´s Not My Time [3 Doors Down]Just The Way You Are [Mars, Bruno]Life After You [Daughtry]Lips Of An Angel [Hinder]Lucky [Mraz, Jason] [Caillat, Colbie]Makes Me Wonder [Maroon 5]Mercy [Duffy]Mr. Brightside [Killers, The]Need You Now [Lady Antebellum]New Divide [Linkin Park]Sex On Fire [Kings of Leon]Sugar, We´re Goin´ Down [Fall Out Boy]Take Me Out [Franz Ferdinand]Toes [Zac Brown Band]Use Somebody [Kings of Leon]Viva La Vida [Coldplay]What About Now [Daughtry]What Hurts The Most [Flatts, Rascal]When You´re Gone [Lavigne, Avril]You Belong With Me [Swift, Taylor]You´re Beautiful [Blunt, James]

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Ladies´ Night , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 250min
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Ladies´ Night is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of sheer nerve rattling terror, previously deemed too violent for mass-market publication. In this modern tale of the ages-old battle of the sexes carried to the extreme, Jack Ketchum again provides listeners with an excursion into horror as relentless as a John Woo film. Tom Braun and his wife, Susan, aren´t exactly a picturesque couple. Thus it comes as no surprise that Tom continually spends late evenings in bars and cheats on his wife. Unfortunately, their son, Andy, is caught in the middle of his parent´s childish banter and family chaos. One life-altering evening turns this family´s, along with most of New York´s, perceptions on the nuclear family and male/female relationships upside down. When a tanker trunk with ´´Ladies Inc.´´ emblazoned on the side crashes in a quiet area in New York, an area it doesn´t have authorization to be in, it liberally spills its contents all over the road and into the surrounding atmosphere. The local authorities deem the contents of the spill to be safe, based merely on the assumption that products coming from a women´s label are more than likely benign. Moreover, the smell emanating from the spill is one of sweet cherry, similar to lollipops, which must of course be harmless if not favorable. This aforementioned assumption proves fatally incorrect. The chemical load the truck was hauling procures a discomfiting, bestial effect in women, forcing them to savagely attack males in their vicinity - be they former friend or foe. Tom, while at a local bar, absorbs the evening´s strange turn of events with traumatizing clarity as he witnesses first hand the metamorphosis of surrounding women into gruesomely instinctual brutes and mantis-like predators. He must get home to his son Andy, who is currently alone with his wife, Susan - before it is too late. (A multicast production.) 1. Language: English. Narrator: Anthony Mendez. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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